Netis丨The Meaning of Happiness

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Before the holiday,

Happiness is a ticket that carries the hope of going home,

Where you can enjoy the happiness of reunion and delicious dishes;

During the holidays,

Happiness is a house, which keeps the family safe,

And resists the disturbance of COVID-19 to protect the happy family;

After the holiday,

Happiness is a green code referring a healthy body,

And resumption of work with the happiness of returning.



What is happiness?

Maybe it’s the hope for a better future,

The curious pursuit of the unknown and unexpected joy,

Or unexpected thinking,

Small happiness, or calmness.



Now, sitting in front of the computer and tapping the keyboard, what do you think happiness is?

Happiness is that before resumption of work, someone charged the front line to fight for the epidemic;

Happiness is the care and love for all employees;

Happiness is when you are worried about the job, a message of salary suddenly pops up;

Happiness is the great love that gifts distributed on holidays even under the epidemic.

From your eyes with smile, I feel happiness, even you are wearing a mask. Happiness is too wonderful for words.


The Company distributes gifts to all employees


I finally understood that the present time is precious;

I finally realized that being with you is my greatest desire.


Of course, happiness also leads to surprises. The Company launched a paid collection activity of “looking for the first-line dedicators of anti-epidemic” to all employees. The Company will send a gift of RMB10,000 to the anti-epidemic heroes who are family members of the Company’s employees! How hard is the fight, how sweet is the happiness at this moment! Happiness is that there is a warm family behind you. Happiness is that we are Netis employees!



The father of Hu Wenjuan of the Purchase Department has been engaged in the front-line work of anti-epidemic since January 23, 2020 (fever clinic of a hospital in Xiaogan, Hubei Province). He has been sticking to the front line until now. Such anti-epidemic heroes deserve our praise and admiration. Let’s take a look at the glory of this anti-epidemic hero.


My Anti-Epidemic Diary


My father dictated his stories, and I (Hu Wenjuan) arranged the texts.


The grass-roots hospitals are rarely visited in the new year’s eve, but in this new year’s eve, the whole hospital was on alert to confront the No. 1 enemy in 2020 - the novel coronavirus.


Hu Wenjuan’s father


I received instructions from my superiors on the 29th day of the twelfth month of the lunar year to make preparations for two months without rest. The hospital quickly set up temporary fever clinics and rooms for quarantine. The hospital would detect the temperature of patients at the gate. Almost all patients went to fever clinics, from a few to a dozen to dozens. The rooms for quarantine were full of people. Due to the limited medical conditions, those with obvious symptoms could only be sent to the designated hospital by ambulance one time. No enough medical staff were available here. Several doctors had been on day and night shifts for more than 30 consecutive days, and they had to stay on night shifts after day shift. I was deeply impressed that on New Year’s Eve, when my family brought a bowl of dumplings to the hospital as I could not come home from work for dinner. I did not want her to come, but she insisted that I should eat a bowl of hot home cooked food on new year’s eve.


Doctor Hu’s dinner in new year’s eve


In fact, we could bear poor eating and rest. The key was that at the beginning, we only had ordinary medical masks, but were in lack of protective clothing, eye masks and gloves. A week later, Xiaogan also became a worst-hit area. Many caring people in our hometown sent us disinfectant and masks despite the resource difficulties. The superiors also distributed some protective clothing and eye masks for us, but after all, sources were limited. In the case of scarcity, we could only take off the protective clothing after a whole day of wearing and sprayed it with alcohol for disinfection. It was better to have it than not. My children at home worry that I had been in close contact with the patients all day without even wearing gloves. They called on caring people from other places to raise materials for us, but in the end, they could not delivery it to us. Doctors only wiped their hands and bare skin with alcohol. It’s more reassuring than no disinfection even if the skin was dry to peel.


Later, the government called on some returning personnel with medical care experience to be volunteers. I really appreciated their supports and dedication, which eased some of the pressure for us. They did a lot for locations for quarantine of those who had close contact with the confirmed patients.


“Although it’s a little hard, it’s worthwhile to encounter such an epidemic in my decades of medical practice.” That’s exactly what my father said. He spoke with ease, but I could see his slightly loosened fist only until the epidemic showed signs of abating.


Warm support from colleagues of the Company


Hu Wenjuan said:

There was no sound during the new year holidays. I hoped it was a nightmare, and everything would restore as it was after I woke up. In this long dream, we chopped firewood, planted vegetables, made Internet popular food and toys by ourselves, and accompanied our children to experience the childhood in our memory.


Every morning when I opened my eyes, I picked up my mobile phone to read the frightening figures. I prayed that the 14 days proposed by experts could quickly pass, but actually we endured 14 days after another 14 days. Many relatives, friends and classmates around me were constantly raising materials for free distribution. I could only donate some money and materials, and collected material via Wechat groups, hoping to bring some resources to the primary medical care in my hometown. Although it was just a drop in the bucket, I hoped to do everything within my ability, as my father is a doctor in the front line, as if what I did would lead to the success and safety of my father and his colleagues, and we indeed succeeded and kept ourselves safe.


Hu Wenjuan


Every family closed the door overnight, and the fireworks bought to welcome the new year were put in a corner. I received messages from my old friends asking my father, and greetings from friends who had not been in contact for a long time. I thanked them in my heart, and only replied that everything goes well to whitewash the fear of most people. So that when I saw many people’s slander against my hometown on social platforms, their abuse and resistance against my hometown people, and their extreme indifference to the people from my hometown, I could said lightly: people who follow different paths cannot stay together, and everything would will come back to you at a later stage. Most of the people are as kind as my old friends, and I feel very lucky.


The epidemic is coming to an end. We should go to work and live our lives. However, we keep cautious. We live in a heroic country and a heroic city, but we do not want to be called heroes, as heroes are often accompanied by tragedies. We just want to fight with our fate in a dangerous moment and enjoy a peaceful life, and those who stay will surely hear the horn of victory!